Save time and ensure the integrity of online training with Pyvot Verify

With this remote proctoring technology, you can verify the right person is completing training online and remains engaged. Take advantage of verified online training that’s available anytime, anywhere.

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Ensure all aspects of work before, during and after training runs smoothly

Alliance’s Registration and Learning Management System helps organizations streamline and optimize back-office processes for instructor-led, computer-based and online training. It allows you to manage and centralize training records in one secure database for both employees and contractors. 

Make the prequalification process easy with CQ

CQ is a contractor review, audit and qualification service. It is coupled with a custom designed software system that houses any and all documentation required for entrance to plant sites or for other digital storage needs.

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Confirm worker compliance on site with Pyvot Access

Pyvot Access allows any device to check training compliance in real time, creating a flexible mobile gate(s) that can be scaled for one or many projects. Worker badges will appear as “Compliant” or “Non-Compliant” after a quick scan of their badge. Company-specific applications are also available.

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Take control of your career development with Pyvot Explore

The workforce development platform, Pyvot Explore, is based around the learner and the learning experience. It allows individuals to easily find learning materials tailored to their needs. With Pyvot Explore, users can discover and earn the skills necessary to drive toward specific career goals.

Pyvot Explore also benefits the business by filling critical skill gaps in an ever-changing work environment. 

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Each year, Alliance helps over 270,000 workers become job-ready with best-in-class training and technology solutions. In every state and around the globe, Alliance delivers timely content with one goal in mind: To create a workplace that’s safer and a workforce that’s more productive.

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